Saturday, October 31, 2009

New annoyances: Windows 7 and Bluetooth enabled devices.

Thorough testing on my part has proven that Windows 7 can not receive large files, approximately anything larger than 225 KB, from some Bluetooth devices. In this case, my Nokia 6301 can not send to the "fsquirt.exe" utility on Windows 7. I tested this with 3 different machines running Windows 7 (6.01.7600), two laptops with built-in bluetooth and a desktop using a bluetooth dongle. The error message offers no clue as to why or what happened. All it says is "Bluetooth file transfer not completed" "The transfer was cancelled by the Bluetooth device or Bluetooth enabled computer." However, the Nokia 6301 has no problem receiving large multi-megabyte files from a PC running Windows 7.

The Nokia 6301 is also able to send/receive large files to other devices (phones, PDA's), and computers running Windows XP, Vista, or Mac OS X.

On the other hand, Windows 7 was able to receive files over bluetooth from other bluetooth-enabled devices, including: computers running Windows XP and Windows 7, an HTC device running Windows Mobile 5.0, and a Sony Ericsson slider-type Walkman cellphone.

I am confounded as to why Windows 7 can not receive large files from my Nokia cellphone while it is able to receive smaller files from it.
Additionally, the fsquirt bluetooth transfer program in Windows Vista shows the transfer rate; now in Windows 7, you don't get anything indicating the speed of the transfer.
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