Sunday, June 8, 2014

Silly Apple, customer-losing the Source (Circuit City/Radioshack), Amazon proves itself again!

Apple is so lame! This is another reason why I don't own any Apple products: they require me to install bloated iTunes software just to send a digital iTunes store gift card.

Meanwhile I purchased a physical gift card at the Source (by Circuit City) and the complete idiots there did not activate it properly. They required the physical card to activate it, which I gifted away and did not have access to for months.  Then the Source was unable to activate it and I lost my money!!!  The Apple Store was also unable to help as it is outside of their system... I am so pissed at the Source; that company had better disappear.

As for Apple, making it near impossible for me to buy a digital gift card without an Apple product or iTunes, I can't express the numerous other reasons why Apple still sucks.  I even tried asking someone who owned an iPhone to help me make the purchase via their phone but they thought it was too complicated.  So frustration!

Months after giving the card in the first place, a few pages into Googling Canada iTunes gift card online delivery, I found out that can do it and at a value you specify.  Took me less than two minutes!

Is it not obvious as to why Amazon is kicking the crap out of other retailers and why everyone loves to hate Apple?
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